Roger Federer Announces Retirement At Wimbledon, Says He’ll Stop Playing Tennis Completely

Renowned tennis player, Roger Federer has been taking steps to preserve his ageing body. Federer chooses his tournaments wisely to avoid burning out. He gets the more his warm-up routine changes, to prevent injury.

Federer booked his place in the Wimbledon quarter-finals yesterday having cruised through the first four matches of the tournament.

But there has been one part of a matchday which Federer does not take a particular liking too.

“I mean, I just think I have to warm up much more than I used to, which is not the most fun bit, to be honest,” Federer said.

“I liked jumping up and down for a minute when I was 21 or 19.

“Now we go through this entire routine. I’m like, Really, do we really have to do it?

“I guess it helps, so I’m doing it. When I get bored of it, I’ll stop playing tennis completely or I’ll stop that routine first before I stop playing (smiling).”

Federer beat young Italian Matteo Berrettini in straight sets on Centre Court yesterday.

The 23-year-old complained of bad light towards the end of the match but Federer feels his experience helps to block out the external circumstances.

“I think again experience helps. I’ve played in all sorts of conditions,” he added.

“You look back at the French Open against Rafa [Nadal], how windy it was there. I’ve played in dark conditions in the past here, in Wimbledon, or in other places.

“When you’re older, it doesn’t really have a huge impact on you. It’s as hard this side of the court like on the other, switching sides. I think that’s where maybe age helps you a little bit.

“Fitness-wise, I would say I take things a little differently than I did before.

“I would say it’s more the quality than the quantity because I have to rest the body when I can.”