Google Shopping Merges Google Search And Express Into One

A report from The Information suggested that Google was preparibg to overhaul its shopping services, including Google Express. The company has now officially announced the merging of Shopping Search and Express into the new Google Shopping.

On the surface, the new Google Shopping is similar to the existing Shopping Search: you search for a product, and results appear from multiple retailers across the web. However, some products will have the option to be purchased straight from Google (translation: purchase through the former Google Express), where Google handles returns and other buyer issues.

The other major component to Google Shopping is integration with other products from the company. You’ll soon see links to relevant products in Google Images, Google Feed, and even YouTube. For example, searching for pictures of a certain piece of furniture on Google Images may return Shopping results.

The Google Express app should get an update soon with the new branding, but that hasn’t hit the Play Store yet. You can download the boring old app from the widget below.